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It wasn’t until after I received my Bachelor’s Degree

in Multimedia/Animation at Cal State East Bay in

Hayward, that I was led into the world of Film. I was

introduced to the hectic, beautiful film world through

the Pastor of my church at the time. From there, I

began my filmmaking journey gravitating toward the

work of a Producer. My experience also includes

storyboarding, casting, animation, Talent Chauffeur,

Script Supervisor, and production coordination/


I currently Produce with BraveMaker Media doing

films, podcasts and film festivals. I love what I do

and am Passionate about the projects I work on. I

love  seeing the underdog win, tragic stories having

a happy  ending, and a powerful story get told for the world to learn from. I enjoy being a part of the miracle that is unfolding right before our eyes. I believe in human kindness and helping others learn along the way. I take those lessons with me into each project I work on… while adding a bit of a goofy personality to make people smile along the way too. I am a team motivator and love to help others succeed as well as myself.

In my spare time, I love to spend time with those closest to her. Above anything is my husband Bobby and daughter Emily. I am passionate about art and enjoy drawing, painting and animating.
If I could spend all day outdoors, I would. I love camping, hiking, swimming, and dancing.
I reside in the SF Bay Area with my loving husband and daughter.


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